Philippe Allignet

Landscape Architect

Philippe Allignet joined OKRA in 2021. Convinced that our society needs to make a difference facing the many challenges, he uses landscape as the core driver and vision in projects. He is fascinated by the fabrication and design processes of our landscapes. From the natural to the most anthropic dynamics, he enjoys revealing, upgrading and transforming them into unique, resilient and user-friendly spaces. Strengthened by past experiences, he built a solid and meaningful approach through scales for healthier and vivid cities and landscapes.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in garden design, Philippe studied landscape architecture at the ENSNP in Blois, France.  He then studied at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam, where he graduated as a landscape architect in 2020. His master thesis focused on the revitalisation of the struggling medium-sized city of Vierzon in France. He used the flooding risk as leverage to regenerate the city and its valley landscape.