Lourdes Barrios Ayala MSc

landscape architect

Lourdes Barrios Ayala (1986) synergises conceptual ideas and practical design solutions. As a landcape architect at OKRA, she communicates the project’s particular vision through maps, visuals and illustrative diagrams. She brings creative energy and a positive perspective through her design approach. Lourdes’s background in architecture and her fascination for discovering the sensitivity of the landscape guide her constant search for promoting a smart use of resources, social change and economic growth. Her mission is to formulate ideas that connect people and environment, through research by design.

Before joining OKRA, Lourdes graduated as an Architect from the Universidad Central de Venezuela (2012) in Caracas. During her studies, Lourdes traveled to Santiago de Chile to study and work, in a challenging political and social context. After graduation, she collaborated in private and public projects of diverse scales, including the Cable-Propelled Transit System of Metrocable in Caracas. In 2018 she obtained a Master’s degree in landscape architecture at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.