dr. Janneke van Bergen


Dr. Janneke van Bergen works at OKRA since 2021. Previously she worked as an architect and landscape designer on various national projects, such as the design of highways A2 and A12, the Dutch Waterline, the programme Room for the River (Deventer, Nijmegen-Lent, Munnikenland, Noordwaard), the Atelier Kustkwaliteit and the National Vision Coast. She was also project leader in several area development projects, such as Den Helder and Hoeksche Waard, in which sustainability and participation played an important role. Water is a recurring theme in her career, culminating in her PhD research ‘ShoreScape – Design of sustainable coastal buffer zones’ (2017-2022) to protect coastal areas. The use of natural processes and dynamic design play an essential role in this. In addition to her strategic knowledge and expertise in climate adaptation, Janneke is highly skilled in developing a strong narrative from the place and the people; and designing from the large to the small scale.
Janneke studied architecture at Delft University of Technology, specialising in landscape architecture. Her graduation project for a river park on the river Maas was nominated for the Archiprix 2004. Besides her work as an architect, she teaches at TU Delft and abroad. She is the author of various publications, including ‘Inspiratieboek Routeontwerp’ (Atelier Rijksbouwmeester) and ‘Building with Nature Perspectives’ (Research in Urbanism series – TU Delft Open).