Giuliana Sibilia

Associate, Architect

Giuliana (1984), having a background as an architect, brings her cross-disciplinary knowledge to urban projects of all scales, blurring the boundaries between landscape, urbanism and architecture. Being aware of the strong impact generated by public domain interventions, she believes in the importance of flexible and sustainable proposals, able to keep up with the demands of a fluid society and a changing natural environment. When it comes to large-scale interventions, Giuliana shows strategic skills and provides solid structure to the project with a forward-thinking perspective. She strives to deliver creative and innovative solutions, while preserving the identity of the original context. Giuliana is currently involved in different international projects.

Prior to joining OKRA in 2015, Giuliana worked at several multidisciplinary architecture firms based in Rome and Paris, where she contributed to a wide range of projects, spanning from masterplans, to social housing and public facilities. In 2010, she earned with Distinction her Master of Science degree in Architecture and Urban Design, from the University La Sapienza in Rome.