Hira Usman Khan

Landscape Designer

Hira obtained a bachelor’s degree in architecture in India in 2017. She has worked as an architect in New Delhi, where she contributed to projects on various geographical scales and contexts focusing on the interaction between cultural landscape and ecology. To expand her horizon, Hira left for Italy to pursue her Masters in Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design at the Politecnico di Milano. She has participated in various workshops and undertook several internships in India and abroad, which has made her capable of working on different projects and can function well independently or in a team environment.

Hira is a passionate landscape architect who believes that there should be no limits to learning new things and implementing innovative ideas. She is strongly focused on the integration of ecosystems and resilient landscapes as part of urban strategies. During her Master studies in Italy, she explored the importance of landscape architecture as a tool to address global environmental issues. She has developed a critical understanding of the synergies between blue-green infrastructure and climate change adaptation as an inclusive process for the design objective. Because of her training as a Landscape architect and theoretical background from the Master’s degree, she feels particularly drawn to the interaction between conceptual visions and their practical implementation.