New pedestrian and cyclist bridge in Wetteren


A new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists will be made across the River Schelde in Wetteren. “With the construction of the bridge we bring both centres of the city closer together and we highlight the importance of the historical location of Wetteren on the Schelde to which we owe our existence,” says councillor Herman De Wulf.

Team ZJA, OKRA and SBE have been developing the winning competition design further on behalf of Waterways and Sea Canal, the City of Wetteren and the Inter-Municipal Partnership Scheldt Landscape Park.

The new bridge is a suspension bridge of 75 metres in length with a 35 metre pylon on the left bank in Overschelde. Additionally, the surroundings of Kapellendries and Tragelwegel will also be fully addressed in the design.

It is expected that the construction of the new bridge will be tendered in the course of 2015 and that implementation will start in 2016.