OKRA is an award-winning design office for landscape architecture and urbanism. Over the last twenty years OKRA has focused on the transformation of cities and landscapes for the people who use them. OKRA has extensive experience in defining frameworks for urban development, design public space, master planning and strategies. OKRA is a multi-disciplinary team with more than 30 international professionals working enthusiastically with partners and clients to create integrated solutions for the healthy cities of the future.

We see the healthy city as a city with a healthy environment that is sustainable and resilient. A city with healthy communities that are social, connected and engaged, and furthermore a city where the planning and design of the public realm contributes to the mental and physical health of its inhabitants. Within those themes, building blocks such as meeting, climate adaptation and urban ecologies play a big role. 
The combination of visionary holistic thinking, clear implementation strategies, a strong sense of design and technical knowledge makes OKRA a strong partner in executing those ambitions.

We imagine

We believe that with the understanding of tomorrow, the issues of today can be solved. We build a collective memory through accurate observations of our cities. This knowledge grows every day and is put to use when we develop our vision of the environment in our designs. We imagine, create and innovate. This makes OKRA a visionary partner in the debate on spatial planning, sustainable cities and public domain.

We discover

With our eyes wide open and curious for discovery, we get to the heart of each problem by recognising where opportunities lie. We aim to transform these into a lasting and meaningful environment. Challenge us with a complex problem to solve and we will strive to find the right balance between programmatic pressure, landscape identity and quality of life. Within this tension we create clear concepts that make a project successful.

We build

We use our knowledge and strength in order to bring our vision to reality. We understand current issues in the public domain and how a project can be realised. This translates into realistic designs and an achievable vision. A design is only successful if it has a long-term added value for the public and therefore we design flexible public space that can change with the times. Matching the desire of today and ready for tomorrow’s development.