Huizen embraces the summer at the opening of Zomerkade.

The new Zomerkade (summer quay) in Huizen has been festively opened. Neighbours and visitors were able to get acquainted with the new layout of the beach area along the Gooimeer. Thanks to the beautiful weather, the new bathing jetty and the various play areas were immediately bustling.

The summer quay is the first visible result of the coastal vision that OKRA has drawn up for Huizen, based on an extensive participatory process. In line with the green appearance of the local coast, the area has been made greener with new trees, planting areas and sunbathing areas. At the heart of the plan is Wedekuil. its role as connection between land and water was reinforced with the new walking jetty extending from the place.

In addition to focusing on the quality of accommodation and walkability, increasing the accessibility of the beach was an important spearhead for the design. Steep slopes have given way to comfortable stairs and ramps. These and other interventions have made the beach accessible for wheelchairs and people with walking difficulties.

In addition to Zomerkade, OKRA is currently involved in the revitalization of the Oude Raadhuisplein urban square in Huizen. We also realize various coastal visions and designs on a small and large scale in the Netherlands and abroad.