Healthy Christmas lunch for the children of the Intlanganiso School

In the past months, the urban farm at the Intlanganiso School in Khayelitsha, the largest township in Cape Town, is been giving tangible support to the local families by mitigating the food scarcity that is worsened by the pandemic.

Together with RCDC (Resilient Civic Design Collective) and LUFN (Lukhanyo Urban Farming Network), we organise regular social lunches at the school, where children get healthy food that partly comes from the school garden. In the wake of this successful initiative, OKRA and the urban farming team, lead by Jeremy Jones, are keen to replicate the social lunch event for this coming Christmas.

As the difficulties linked to the pandemic are still affecting the community, causing a sense of social isolation and feeling of abandonment, we feel that it is imperative to give an extra contribution and to provide relief, even if for one day only, to the local families.

Please help us to make this extra step possible and donate to give the children an unforgettable Christmas memory.