Former Deportation Station Bobigny Officially Opened

On June 18, exactly 80 years after the first convoy departed for Auschwitz-Birkenau, the former station of Bobigny was officially opened. As the sole surviving French deportation station from World War II, it has been transformed into a memorial park over the past years, following the winning design by a team led by OKRA landscape architects in 2016.

Bobigny is the only deportation station in France that was preserved after the second world war. During the rest of the 20th century, the site was dominated by a scrap dealer who used most of the area. When the municipality was able to take over the area at the beginning of this century, plans were made to restore it as a memorial site. In collaboration with involved committees and foundations, a design competition was held, won by the team of OKRA. They collaborated with AAPP Architectes, AEU Ecologists, OTCE engineers, and 8’18 Lighting designers for the design.

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