OKRA is nominated for the European Green Cities Award

OKRA has been nominated for the prestigious European Green Cities Award. The redevelopment of the Grotestraat in Nijverdal (NL) was selected because it is an example of how we can shape our cities in the future. The project was realised by OKRA on behalf of the Municipality of Hellendoorn.

Various Dutch projects were submitted for the international competition. The professional jury chose the project in Nijverdal, because it is ‘most inspiring, with an original, context-sensitive application in which planting, passive water purification and social interaction come together in a subtle and specially designed way’.

The project competes with projects from five other countries. The six projects will be assessed by an international jury in the coming period. The winning project will be announced on 3 December. The six participating projects are listed on thegreencity.eu/award.

Green Cities for a Sustainable Europe
The award is an initiative of Green Cities for a Sustainable Europe. This is a platform that stimulates the greening of public space by offering innovative ideas, information based on scientific research and technical expertise. The activities of this platform focus on health, climate, economy, biodiversity and social cohesion.

13-09-2019 OKRA wins Water Resilient Cities Award 2019