OKRA and SVP draw up a progressive plan for energy-positive neighbourhood of Crailo

Crailo, located between Hilversum, Bussum and Laren, will be a new energy-positive neighbourhood with housing, workspace and new nature. A consortium consisting of OKRA landschapsarchitecten, SVP architectuur en urbanism, Arcadis and BV Gebiedscommunicatie (‘Team C’) is developing an urban development and landscape plan on which the three municipalities will decide in early 2020.

The urban development and landscape plan include community hubs and a gatehouse. The new Avenue of Crailo for slow traffic connects the subareas and is a necessary passage for wildlife. The Spiegelhorst, the largest building on the site, will not be demolished but developed as an example of circular building and offers space for residential and working areas. The former military exercise area will be retained as a campus-like set-up with the existing and new buildings and is connected to the Bussummerheide. From the entrance there is a view over this open space.  

During the last Open Crailo day on Saturday 1 February 2020, everyone can take a look at the plans and talk with the designers. The three city councils will discuss the plan in January and February prior to the decision-making in March 2020.

In addition to the master plan for the neighbourhood of Crailo, OKRA is working on the coastal vision for the Gooise Meren and Huizen, and the master plan for the transformation of the Hilversum station area. These are all projects that make an important contribution to improving the spatial quality of the Gooi and Vecht region.