Beach balcony Cadzand-Bad and surroundings realised

Following the completion of the coastal work Cadzand-Maritiem, OKRA has set the next step in transforming the public space of Cadzand-Bad. The dune in the frontline of the seaside resort has been widened, and a new route along the sea has been created, a dune boulevard, with special places that interact with the theme of ‘wellness’. On the east side, at the popular crossing of the dunes at the Wielingen Boulevard’s beginning, a dune balcony has been constructed.

Simultaneously, within the strong framework of public space formed by the coastal work and the boulevard, the redevelopment of the hotels located between the coastal defences and the boulevard was seized to place the new buildings in the dunes. A similar approach applies to all hotels and villas.

The large-scale parking at ground level has disappeared and has been accommodated in private underground car parks. The parking garage roof has been incorporated into a new dune landscape, with dunes right up to the fa├žade. Hotel De Blanke Top, the flat blocks ‘Zeeland’ and ‘Vlaanderen’, the Badhuis and the Strandhotel with the Strandresidentie form the new generation of tourist accommodation by the sea, with a dune atmosphere right up to the front door. The outdoor area contributes to the appearance and quality of the tourist product and the seaside resort’s quality.

OKRA works at various locations in Europe and beyond on upgrading and redesigning coastal and seaside resorts. Following the successful projects Katwijk Coastal Defence and Cadzand-Maritiem, OKRA is currently working on similar projects in France and China.