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Best Public Space Award, Binnenrotte Rotterdam (NL), winner 2018


The Binnenrotte in Rotterdam was voted best public space in the Netherlands during the National Congress on Public Space in Breda.The Binnenrotte in Rotterdam scored best on use, space, uniqueness and health, making it the best public space in the Netherlands.

Binnenrotte Rotterdam changed from an empty square into pleasant urban space, where there is a market on some days and a nice place to stay on others. The layout of the square with trees has created intimate spots, with careful attention to, among other things, the incidence of sunlight, a lot of attention to greenery and the use of warm materials. The unusual thing is that the square was built on top of the roof of a train tunnel, where many trees have nevertheless been given a place. The design on a higher scale also gave a lot of thought to routes and connections in the city.